Tuesday, February 4, 2014

If your listing expires and a buyer you brought to the property returns and the seller accepts their offer, do you get paid?

The short answer, YES!!!  When you can show that you were the procuring cause of a sell, you can petition for your commission.  The key is that you must show proof that you were indeed the procuring cause.  Thus, you must maintain a record of all buyers who view the property during your listing term.


  1. How long to you leave behind those electronic lock-boxes after a listing has expired? Do those electronic lock-boxes keep a record of the 'buyers' or the buyer agent?

    1. Georgia license law specifically speaks to the requirement to remove all signs from a property within ten days of closing. It does not speak to when a lockbox has to be removed, but it could be argued that it too should be removed within the same ten days. Electronic lock boxes maintain a record of those who have accessed it with an electronic key. Those people include real estate licensees, appraisers and home inspectors.

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  3. Hi Joi! So sorry that I missed the last day of class as I have succumbed to the cold/flu that has derailed so many in my circle. It has been a wonderful experience having you for an instructor. Your knowledge of the industry and ease of relaying the material was on point. Having gone through this 13 yrs ago, I can truly say that what I've taken away this time far out-passes my previous training. I feel that I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and am more prepared to pursue a career as a real estate agent. All the best to you!! ~Denise Blake~