Friday, May 9, 2014

Would it be more beneficial to be affiliated with a name brand agency or non-name brand, i.e. Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, etc)?

The brokerage firm with which one affiliates should not be based on the name more so than the fit.  Once an gent has determined what area of real estate they would like to practice, the amount of support they feel they will need and the affiliation terms that will be acceptable, then the search for the appropriate firm will be easier.

There are advantages and disadvantages of affiliating with franchises or locally owned companies.  An advantage of going with a franchise would be the networking system among all of the franchises nationwide.  A disadvantage would be the likelihood that a franchise fee will be required in addition to your monthly fees.

Affiliating with locally owned companies has advantages and disadvantages as well.  An advantage could be the lack of having to pay franchise fees.  Another advantage would be that the company can brand itself as the local authority.  A disadvantage could be decreased name recognition.

Either way, an agent's success will be based more on the agent's efforts than the company's efforts.  Be sure to affiliate with a firm that will line up with your business goals.  Finding the right company is much more important than going after a name.

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